We Love Trans* Bodies: A bit happier personal news.


I just can’t wait to tell people this. I signed up to go work at the corporate office of Old Navy today, and it was amazing. I got to work with the designers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy god damn fucking shit. This is the field I want to go into and the office that I want to start working at after school and I got to meet all of them and get to know people and help out with things and even if I was just hanging up clothing and doing silly little things like that, I would hang up clothes  for the rest of my life if it meant I could be next to a designer. Like this was beyond surreal for me. I forgot food, and money and everything (thankfully someone spotted me for money), but I could have gone all day without eating and I would not have cared. I had this weird emotional feeling in my stomach all day long. I just literally cannot even comprehend this happened. It renewed all of my passion and love for this field. And I get to go back tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to wear some pants I made myself, some shoes from old navy that I customized and made completely different, hopefully a sickening necklace of chain link that I am going to make tonight, and my make up and hair are going to be OFF THE HOOK(maybe I will bring the other outfit I sewed like a nerd incase anyone asks me if I have more of my work). Like I am literally going to milk this for all that it is worth. I want to be in corporate SOOOOOOOOOOOO badly. I want an internship with corporate during my schooling like SOOOOOOOOOOOOO badly. Gap INC is such an amazing company to work for and I feel so incredibly lucky that I have this opportunity. Moving to San Francisco was the best decision I have ever made in my life. At the end of the day tomorrow I am going to thank them for their time, and let them know that if they ever need anyone to come back to help the designers? That I want to be there. I want to get experience. I will do whatever they tell me happily. (Plus I worked so hard today!!!!!! The designer I was with kept saying “oh you’re so fast!”) FUUUUUUUUUUCK. Good things are about to happen. I can feel it. FUCK ME I AM SO HAPPY AND SURREAL RIGHT NOW.

Reblogging because, yanno, it’s me and it is probably one of the best moments of my life.








Melissa Harris-Perry describes herself as “cis” (via “MSNBC Talks To And About Trans People For An Hour, Doesn’t F*ck It Up” on autostraddle)

The fact that this is really so extraordinary is really, really sad.

^ preach

thank you though, for saying this on platform a lot of people will see and hear.

This should be basic, fundamental information provided for everyone from the beginning.

Melissa Harris-Perry = LOVE…. As for the trans activists? They get a C-….. HELLO PEOPLE, What is intersectionality? I heard a lot of “well this can happen if you are trans,” or “oh this happens to such and such percent of trans people,” but the one that really got me was the Walking While Trans comment. It was said without ANY mention of trans latinas. Nothing. AT ALL. Guess what? Bad things do happen to white trans people. Yes…. Bad things happen to BLACK trans people, and Trans LATINAS way more. What I needed to hear, what should have been said was “oh well this can happen if you are trans, but disproportionally happens to black trans women, or latina trans women” or “homelessness is a problem in the trans community, but affects black trans women or trans latinas significantly more than it does their white counterparts.” Also according to this panel, Trans POC don’t exist??? I mean it is fantastic that we had this kind of coverage and that nothing extraordinarily offensive was said, but the fact that the only POC in the discussion were cis? is not okay. White trans narratives need to be told, but the stories of trans POC are more important. They are the ones who face the hardships that many white trans people claim their own. 

^ for the commentary

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Oh faux-minists…..

Actually getting bothered by the things some people say. Don’t pretend to be progressive or say you are progressive if your actions are actually the opposite. 


If feminism forces you to see women as victims, doesn’t it defeat its own purpose?

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather see women as my equals…since they’re able to think logically and defend themselves


article for you to read about feminism 

They call me lady tiger, but I never eat my young: Fury



I have tears. I’m not crying because Rick Santorum said nigger in public.

I’m sure he says that word all the time.

I’m crying because in 2012, in America, the man who is the President of the United States cannot be referred to or respectfully…

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Kinsey Hope Can't Focus For Shit: It really freaks me out to read about 4, 5, and 6 year olds being diagnosed with gender identity disorders.



Let’s be clear, you fucking dipshit.

None of us give a single fucking goddamn about “allies” who run like chickenshit cowards the moment any trans person gets pissed at the crap they pull. Cuz they were never allies. Just lying parasites….

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Taylor Swift is the ultimate slut-shamer. She is the worst.

ugh fucking Taylor Swift.

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Anonymous asked
i love you. like seriously, i watched your videos on youtube and then i ironically came across you on tumblr. you're one of the bravest people i know, and you're an incredibly beautiful woman,<3

Awh thanks Anon!!!! The strangest thing ever is that, I actually removed the videos of myself off youtube and then someone else posted them pretending to be me!!!!!!!!! And now it has like 2 million views. CRAZY, Right? Like that is me!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for saying I’m beautiful, because I am sure not feeling it lately. Everyone says i’m pretty but then everyone I work with (and I just started a new job) automatically like BAM knows I’m AMAB…. It just makes me feel like shit, because I am not comfortable being read as trans…… god. today sucks. fuck.

Untagging all the old photos of myself when I presented as male on Facebook tonight. Its making me miss all the fun times and the people, but its good too and I still feel strangely disconnected from that person…. idk. 

Can we please just give Sharon Needles the drag race crown already??? I love her, like if she gets eliminated I may have to call off work……